Master Thesis Work


We are continuously looking for talented CAE engineers to help us serve our world class clients. Are you attending a Masters degree class with focus in CFD or FEM? We need highly motivated students to help us fulfill our mission and our client’s ambitions. While technical skill remains a pre-requisite, our thesis workers should also have good presentation and communication skills, some sense for business and be good team players. If you don´t find what you are looking for among our open graduate thesis proposals please don´t hesitate to contact a group manager close to your field of expertise or geographical location. You find our contact details here >>

Open Master Thesis Projects

Thesis project Fluid Dynamics, Göteborg
– CFD analysis of the heat transfer in a preheater

The scope of the Master Thesis work is to investigate the heat transfer between condensing steam flowing inside of tubes and the tube walls in a preheater, the primary side, as well as the flow distribution of the steam flowing across the outside of the tubes, the secondary side. The work may include both analytical calculations and CFD analysis at different levels of complexity.
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Ongoing Master Thesis Projects

Thesis project Fluid Dynamics, Stockholm
– CFD analysis of the flow in a moisture separator

The scope of the Master Thesis work is to investigate the flow pattern, fluid-induced loads and the thermal expansion of the internal part of a moisture separator. Different levels of analysis complexity will be employed such as whole model steady-state RANS and time-resolved detail studies with LES as well as isothermal versus thermal studies.

Thesis project Fluid Dynamics, Stockholm
– Using CFD to investigate cause of vibrations in feed water system

The scope of the Master Thesis work is to investigate possible flow-induced causes for vibrations close downstream of the feed water pumps at a nuclear power plant. The work will include fluid dynamic simulations with different levels of ambition from 1D system analysis to detailed LES of vortex shedding. One important motive to the Master Thesis is to give a broad educational assignment within computational fluid dynamics to turn the student into an excellent CFD engineer.