Roll forming with Ortic

The analysis project

Ortic was interested in evaluating the possibility of simulating the 3D roll forming process. The goal of the simulation was to predict residual stresses and spring back from the forming as well as determing the final geometry based on different process parameters.

FS Dynamics began the simulation process with only a few rolls to determine whether the model was comparable with the actual measurements. When we had confidence in the method we started to increase the complexity of the simulation to simulate a full 3D roll forming process.

The benefits

By using simulations, Ortic were able to get a better understanding of the process and were able to reduce the amount of testing needed.


3D Forming with Ortic AB

Ortic AB is a leading manufacturer of machines for roll forming. Roll forming is a method of forming sheet metal that is both flexible and cost effective. The shaping is done by several pairs of rolls that in sequence fold the profile to the desired shape.

The future of roll forming

To expand their marketing potential, Ortic is in the process of developing machines for 3D roll forming. With roll pairs that move during the process, the end shape can be even more flexible and may have a varying cross section over the profile. Ortic have employed this method to develop roof plates for several high profile stadiums including Budapest Arenas and several different stadiums used during the Olympics in Athens.

A further market for this method, which is targeted by Ortic, is the automotive industry, where the application of this method could result in lower material costs, cheaper tools and the potential to work with hight and ultra high strength materials.