Our Services


Optimize your products

We offer simulation services which can help you satisfy design criteria related to safety factors, pressure drops and other numerical values. The advantage of simulation is that it gives a visual presentation of the reasons behind the numerical values which is easy to understand. Pictures and animations give you a better insight into the behavior of your product, thus making it easier to design and develop better products.

Way of Work

Everything we do is related to product or process development. We choose the best-suited methods, optimization tools and engineering knowledge available to improve your products and processes. We believe that being involved in a project from the beginning, as advisors, lays the best foundation for concept design. In the bigger picture this translates to fewer design iterations, lower project costs and shortened time to market.

During the design phase we assist with manual or automatic optimization studies that improve performance and reduce material costs.

In the final phase we offer a validation simulation to assure that the product design will fulfill both customer requirements as well as industry standards. This further reduces the need for physical testing as part of design iterations. In many cases the structural calculations we do are used for qualifying purposes. We help you verify the results to standards like Eurocode and ASME.

The right person for the job

Our consultants have a strong industry background and include software vendors. They have all completed Masters Degrees in the fields of science and engineering and more than a quarter have completed PhDs. This enables us to provide you with competent consultants who possess the relevant academic skills and experience.


  • Do you need help from an expert for a few hours?
  • Do you have a physics related problem you need to solve?
  • Do you need to fulfill specific industry standards?
  • Do you need an extra resource in your day-to-day simulation work?