Gaselle in Norway

The success of FS Dynamics Norwegian business has been awarded a “Gaselle” (Norwegian for gazelle). But it shouldn’t be a surprise, as there are lots of work behind the more than 150 percent growth in business turnover in just four years.

To be awarded being a “Gaselle”, a company needs to start with more than one million Norwegian crowns in turnover the first year, show a more than doubled turnover in four years and continuously show a positive operating result. It is the business newspaper “Dagens Næringsliv” that sets up the criteria, and FS Dynamics easily passed.

For several years, Ola Dahlin has been working to establish and evolve the Norwegian market for FS Dynamics. As Group Manager he says there’s a certain recipe to success.
– We always strive for long-term business relationships. This means that we all the time must build our credibility, with new customers as well with the already established relations. Our technology needs thorough analyses and working with customer demands we must understand the customer both technologically and in a business way.

Reliable relationships

– We work with people that are in technologically driven businesses and we must understand both what they do and what their possible challenges are. That demands in-depth analyses of their tech and in the end solutions that are customer-adapted. We do this in partnership, together with the companies and that builds credibility over time. It also allows us to build those all-important long-term relationships, as trust is a must. The fact that we always strive to exceed the expectations matters too.

The long business relationships and the reliability in those is what now pays off.
– What we see now is the result of many different deals, not just a couple of big ones. And we grow with all of them, as they see our technical proficiency and good business results in the adapted solutions.
– The award itself might not give us many more customers, but it is a nice confirmation. It shows to us, just as well as to our customers, that our business idea works well. In a way, the award tells our customers that the cooperation is right.

Continued growth

Four years ago, the FS Dynamics turnover in Norway wasn’t that big, so some could say it isn’t that hard to meet the “Gaselle” criteria of doubling the turnover within four years. But that said, FS Dynamics has well exceeded that. And Ola tells us that he thinks that the growth has just started, and that the FS Dynamics Norwegian business may be a “Gaselle” for at least one, possible several years.
– We’ve done all the necessary work for a long time now, and it’s just starting to show.

Ola Dahlin also likes what he sees on the Norwegian market in the near future.
–There are some real winds of change in the Norwegian industry at the moment. Renewables and circularity are in, the power industry is changing, there is a need for more optimisation – all this suits us, as we are at the forefront of this, having the know-how, and smart ways of implementing it. FS Dynamics is a credible knowledge resource, we do high end-engineering, our services are advanced. It’s like we’re made for present Norway.

A bright future

And he is equally confident about how future customers will chose FS Dynamics as a partner.
– It just feels good, as we have a good focus. We’re looking forward to building on relationships with present key customers, as much as we are connecting with new prospects. With some, we have already advanced plans, and all this should bear fruit in the near future. As I see it, the growth opportunities are great for FS Dynamics in Norway.

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