FS Dynamics acquires Validus Engineering

Since the beginning of October Validus Engineering is part of the FS Dynamics Group. Validus Engineering will work side by side with FS Dynamics in Lund, and togeheter the joint business unit forms a significant actor within CAE-simulation and technical analysis services in the south of Sweden.

“FS Dynamics and Validus Engineering have co-existed on the CAE-consultancy market for close to two decades. Now, joining these two highly competent teams, we are without any doubt the leading provider of CAE-consultancy services in Skåne, Sweden and the Nordics. We are quite happy to have been given this opportunity to form such a strong offer for the future to our customers, and we have already seen customers welcome and start to draw advantage of our joined competence,” says FS Dynamics CEO and founder Roger Blom.

Both FS Dynamics and Validus Engineering are competence-based consultancy companies, fully focussed on CAE-services, with core competence in the industrial application of CFD and FEA. From digital prototypes and product refinement to system optimization and fault finding, we help our customers develop high-quality products and processes.

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