Drop test with Linde Material Handling

Linde Material Handling

Linde is a leading maker of forklifts and warehouse trucks. In Sweden Linde are supporting the Swedish market and adopting local designs to best fit the needs of local customers.

The Result

The simulations clearly show that the design changes had made a very small impact on the deformation of the roof. It is also clear that the deformation is not any where near the critical values specified in the standard. The benefit of the drop test analysis is that the customer receives a good understanding as to which part absorbs most of the energy from the collision.


All Linde forklifts are tested as to whether they meet industry standards. One of these requirements is the ability to withstand the impact of falling objects.

The analysis project

One typical local adoption for Linde in Sweden is sight optimizing the roof for the driver during high lifts. As part of this process, Linde needs to ensure that making changes to the roof is not compromising the safety of the driver and that the forklift still fulfills standard requirements. Based on these criteria FS Dynamics modeled a virtual version of the test, firstly on the original design and subsequently on the new sight-optimized design.